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Export Tasks, Topics, and Chats from your Ryver.com organisation.

  • Backup your Ryver teams and forums

  • Lets you read content offline

  • Archive data to protect from malicious users or accidental deletion


  • ExporterRy is an independent application and is not affiliated to, or endorsed by Ryver.

  • Gets your data from Ryver.com using the public APIs used by the Ryver website.

  • Exports raw JSON files. These could be processed by other applications and tools.

  • Converts Ryver data to human readable HTML using editable templates.

  • Uses your login session details to authenticate with Ryver.

  • Log into Ryver in your browser, then use the browser's Developer Tools to copy the request details. These include your Ryver organisation name and your active session cookies. These expire as soon as you log out of Ryver.

  • We will never ask for your password!

  • We have a simple license which grants you a licence to use one copy at a time. The source code for ExporterRy is available under a different pricing plan for organisations who need to modify it for their own requirements or inspect it.

  • System Requirements: Windows 7 or Windows 10 with .NET Framework 4.7.2, Chrome or Firefox.




 ExporterRy exports your data from Ryver.com using the public APIs used by the Ryver website. 

What is exported?

Which Spaces are exported?

  • Teams 'Private Teams'

    • Tasks - all tasks in each team

    • Topics - all topics in each team

    • Chats - all chats in each team

  • Forums 'Open Forums'

    • Tasks - all tasks in each forum

    • Topics - all topics in each forum

    • Chats - all chats in each forum

Which attributes are exported? (not an exhaustive list)


  • Title

  • Body (including Markdown rendered as HTML)

  • Subtasks and subtask completed state

  • Categories

  • Tags

  • Reactions

  • Created and modified dates

  • Recent comments

  • Sticky flags

  • Assignees

  • Comments on topics and tasks

What is NOT exported?

  • Attachments

  • Embedded images

  • Archived topics and tasks

  • Task category 'Done when moved here' flag

  • Workflow Automation configuration and rules

  • Tag colours and styles

  • People

  • Settings

  • Guests

  • Setup and configuration

  • Integrations

  • Personal user data and preferences

    • Private direct chats between team members

    • Private topics created directly between team members

    • Watches

    • Reminders

    • Calls data

    • Notifications

    • Read/unread status

    • Personal Task Boards

Export formats

  • JSON - Raw data from the Ryver API is exported directly to JSON files

  • HTML - Significant fields are turned into HTML pages for easy viewing

  • ZIP - Optionally all json and html files can be zipped after exporting

What is not shown in the HTML version of the export?

This data is included in the exported JSON but not rendered in the HTML version.

Topic fields:

  • Subscriptions

  • Permissions

  • Creation source

  • Modification source

  • Reaction usernames

  • Usernames for creation, modification, or last reply

  • Up and down votes (could not find where they are set in Ryver!)

Task fields:

  • Subscriptions

  • Permissions

  • Reaction usernames

  • Chat transcript

  • Completion state (only included for subtasks)

Category fields:

  • Creation date

  • Creation user

  • Keywords

Space fields:

  • Creation date

  • Creation user

  • Permissions