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RyExport for Windows

Utility Software takes pride in our products. We aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. New features are often requested by customers, and we try to add them regularly with care not to impact existing functionality.

We publish our version history to be transparent about the fixes and features we've added.

Existing customers can:

  • Upgrade to a newer version at any time to get fixes and new features

  • Downgrade to older versions if specific behaviour is required

Change Log: RyExport for Windows

ExporterRy for Windows v1.0

  • Initial release

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe: 219b95fe1a51def3232f0eeb4298263b

ExporterRy for Windows v1.1​

  • Updated ​contact details

  • Only 25 Topics and Chats exported per team or forum

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe: a60743cbfbacc0dcdaa76ec44e9e8f3f

ExporterRy for Windows v1.2

  • Limit increased to 5000 Topics and 10000 Chats per team or forum​

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe: e60e7204d17d1d905466484e9bc6af34

ExporterRy for Windows v1.3​

  • Unlimited number of Topics and Chats are exported

  • Improved progress log messages and user interface

  • Index.html file now created for each export​

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe: 8eef13d59e4ab3d81964b5de245eaf5c

ExporterRy for Windows v1.4​

  • Zip file containing all exported data can be produced, as an option

  • Improved error handling

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe: 206b342be7f02d0329ed06969800f650

ExporterRy for Windows v1.5​

  • Comments on topics and tasks can be exported, as an option

  • Updated license agreement​

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe = 3a84e1b11d40751e16a2bbce5417b269


ExporterRy for Windows v1.6​

  • Added UTF-8 BOM to JSON files to make file text encoding explicit

  • Generate HTML from in-memory JSON data instead of re-reading the file to avoid potential encoding errors

  • Corrected minor typo in index.html

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe: c320d10cfab96c340debca25ae522db6

ExporterRy for Windows v1.7

  • Exporting continues on error

  • Error files are created on error for further analysis

  • Works with Chrome v81 and above (linebreaks in cURL command)

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe: 7f75c40b3d2ec288b43c645fa8bf00dd


ExporterRy for Windows v1.8

  • Team and forum names are now included at the top of Comment pages

  • Fixed error exporting a Task or Topic which has a double-quote in its title and also has comments​

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe: d0c77d01c3ba80d5681042bf694aba1a

ExporterRy for Windows v1.8.1​

  • Fixed error exporting Teams and Forums that have colons and slashes in their name and no nickname​

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe: 35777b6e27013087fafb6e9b1c0ab897

ExporterRy for Windows v1.8.2​

  • Fixed table of contents broken links to Teams and Forums with no nickname

  • Each Team and Forum now has a unique nickname generated if one does not exist

  • Exporting can continue if an error occurs when handling an earlier error

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe: 890797e2e3be1df352db22f87e5cff33

ExporterRy for Windows v1.9

  • Attached documents and embedded images can be exported, as an option

  • Tasks are exported on the task board and also individually with attachments

  • Emoji names and ascii smileys are converted to emoji unicode characters in the html files

  • Statistics are captured during the export and reported in the export log and index html file

  • Data protection reminders are displayed in the export log and index html file

  • Teams and Forums are exported to separate directories so the data is more clearly structured and it is easier to search a specific area

  • URLs in markdown text are converted to hyperlinks in html files

  • Export log is saved to a text file for future reference

  • Html files have been improved to remedy minor syntax errors

  • Blank comments pages are created when comments exist but you selected to not export comments

  • User Guide link from the main window now opens a specific version of the User Guide that applies to that application version

  • MD5 hash of ExporterRy.exe: 2e43d1d6a10135f3e1da931d425bc98d

Renamed to RyExport - read more about the change of name here.

RyExport for Windows v2.0

  • Application renamed to RyExport with a new logo

  • Login using your Ryver username and password

  • Chose whether to export Teams or Forums or both

  • Ryver entities can be exported in JSON format

    • Entities include items previously not exported, such as Users, Integrations, Team Members, and Watches

    • Entities also include a repeated export of all tasks and topics in a flat list

  • Wizard user interface for more clarity

  • Live view of statistics during the export

  • Third party libraries upgraded to latest versions

  • MD5 hash of RyExport.exe: cb19f03889a445d5cb00b57e1dd8aa71

RyExport for Windows v2.0.1

  • Fixed defect when exporting a team with a trailing space in its name and no nickname

  • Adjusted error handling so the export will continue if there are issues creating the directories for a team or forum

  • MD5 hash of RyExport.exe: f224486b572a67a06945051d7017aa37

RyExport for Windows v2.1

  • Duration of export, start time, and end time are recorded in the export log

  • List of users are included in the table of contents

  • User Notifications are excluded from entity export because this is personal to each user

  • Updated to Licence version 2.1 with clearer information on per user and source code licensing

  • Login fields have hint text and larger font size

  • Third party library versions are included in the export log

  • Application zip now includes user guide

  • Better message when the Ryver organisation is not found

  • Minor improvements to export log, reducing amount of logging, and fixing typos

  • Remove colon from after URLs in log to make them easier to copy

  • Extra page information has been added to entity JSON files

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