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Full User Guide for ExporterRy with screenshots
Brief instructions for using ExporterRy

  1. After downloading the zip, unzip into a new folder on your computer

  2. Run "​ExporterRy.exe"

  3. Read the Welcome page and press Next

  4. Provide your Ryver session details to ExporterRy using these steps (we will NEVER ask for your password!)

    1. In Chrome or Firefox go to Ryver login page (logout if already logged in)

    2. Press F12 to open Dev Tools, and select the 'Network' tab

    3. Login to Ryver

    4. In the 'Network' tab find the 'Ryver.Info...' request

    5. Right click 'Ryver.Info' and select 'Copy > Copy as cURL'

    6. Click the 'Copy as cURL' field and right-click and Paste, or press Ctrl+V

  5. Press the Export button

  6. ExporterRy will connect to your Ryver session, export Tasks, Chats, and Topics as  JSON, then convert them to readable HTML web pages, and will open the index page. The files will be in My Documents\Ryver Export.

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