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Utility Software: tools for exporting data from the cloud

Archive your Ryver data

Export your Ryver chats, topics, and tasks as static web pages for a read-only view of your data.

Protect your data from:

  • accidental deletion

  • prolonged outages

  • clumsy users


  • RyExport   ➡  Export Teams and Forums from as a set offline web pages

  • RyMember   ➡  Export Private chats, and personal topics and personal tasks for each team member

Try before you buy - download an evaluation version limited to export 15 of each item


Re-Export logo, a purple rocket

Export Teams and Forums from

  • Tasks

  • Topics

  • Chats

  • Comments

  • Attachments

The local data extract enables:

  • Share project data with clients​

  • Protect from accidental deletion​

  • Search offline​

  • Meet compliance, eDiscovery, and SOX


One license per organisation


Re-Member logo, a green rocket

Export personal data from

  • Private Chats (Direct Messages)

  • Private Topics

  • Personal Tasks


The local data extract enables:

  • Archive your personal data​

  • Read and search chats offline​

  • Share personal tasks

  • Protect from accidental deletion


One licence required per team member

Export formats

Jason Format


All data is exported in the raw JSON format directly from the Ryver API for future processing by other software tools

HTML format

Tasks, chats, and topics are exported as web pages which you can view locally in any web browser, or uploaded to a site

Zip file format


All the HTML and JSON files, plus attachments are as a zip file to make it easier to copy and archive the extract


Watch RyExport extract tasks, topics, and chats

Animated view of RyExport running, showing the export options and a log of exported items from Ryver

Example exports



This example shows the topics exported from a single Ryver Team, which only has two topics.


The topics are exported as web pages, with a different set of pages for each team or forum.

The pages include the formatting, emoji, and images that are included in Ryver.

Data is also exported in JSON format which allows the topics to be read by other software.

Example list of topics exported from a Team as a Web Page



This example shows a sample Task page from a Ryver team.


Each task is exported as a separate web page.


The whole kanban task board is exported as a single page showing lists of all tasks, organised by board column.

Any comments on a task are exported to a linked page.


Example task exported as a web page
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