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Export Private Chats, Private Topics and your Personal Task Board from Ryver:

  • Archive your personal data for peace of mind

  • Read and search chats (DMs) offline

  • Data is exported in JSON machine-readable format and converted to HTML human-readable format

  • One licence is needed for each user




  • RyMember is an independent application and is not affiliated to, or endorsed by Ryver

  • RyMember allows each team member to extract an archive of their personal data:

    • Private Chats

      • 1-to-1 chats (DMs) between you and all other users

    • Private Topics

      • 1-to-1 topics between you and all other users

    • Personal Tasks

      • All tasks, comments and attachments from your personal task board, organised by category

    • User Notifications

    • All data 

  • HTML web pages are created for personal chats, topics, tasks and user notifications to allow offline reading

  • Ryver data is also saved as raw JSON files which could be processed by other tools

  • All files are also zipped for ease of storage

  • Care should be taken with storing and sharing this data securely because it may contain personal data

  • Authenticate using your username and password - RyMember uses the public Ryver API to get your data

  • We have a simple licence which allows you to use one copy per user. The source code for RyMember is available under a different pricing plan for organisations who need to modify it for their own requirements or inspect it.

  • System Requirements: Windows 10 with .NET Framework 4.7.2 and Chrome or Firefox for viewing pages

  • It does not restore data into Ryver - the process is one-way only

  • It does not provide a way to move your data to another service, but could be an input to another system

  • If you would like to export shared Teams and Forums (chats, topics, tasks), please use our RyExport application. RyExport deliberately does not export the Private Chats or Personal Tasks of the person performing the export, otherwise people with access to the teams and forums archive would be able to read the private chats of the person who ran the export.


Login to Ryver


Start export and view progress


Table of contents lets you read exported data offline


Personal Task Board - read-only view of your tasks


What is exported?

What is exported?

  • Chats between you and all other users (private DMs)

  • Personal Task Board

    • Tasks

    • Categories

    • Checklists

    • Tags

    • Comments

    • Attachments

    • Embedded images

  • Topics shared with individual team members

    • Topic description

    • Comments

    • Attachments

    • Embedded images

  • User notifications list

    • List of Ryver events triggered by other users

    • Created a task

    • Created a topic

    • Commented on a task

    • Commented on a topic

    • Mentioned you in a task

    • Assigned a task to you

    • Reminder created by you

Only data which you have permission to view can be exported.

What is excluded from the export?

  • Archived topics and tasks

  • Teams and Forums (please use our RyExport application)

Export formats

  • JSON - Machine readable data

    • Raw data from the Ryver API is exported directly to JSON files

    • These could be processed by other applications or tools

    • Data is chunked into multiple pages to prevent files becoming too large

  • HTML - Read-only web pages

    • Key fields from the Ryver data are converted to HTML pages

    • This renders your tasks, topics and chats as human-readable pages for easy viewing in any browser

    • Each set of communications with another user is stored in its own folder so you can search them individually, package them up or archive them when someone leaves

  • Zip - compressed archive of all files

    • All JSON and HTML files are zipped after exporting

What is not shown in the HTML version of the export?


The following fields are included in the exported JSON but are not rendered in the HTML pages.

Topic fields:

  • Subscriptions

  • Permissions

  • Creation source

  • Modification source

  • Reaction usernames

  • Usernames for creation, modification or last reply

Task fields:

  • Subscriptions

  • Permissions

  • Reaction usernames

  • Chat transcript

  • Completion state (only included for subtasks)

  • Tag colours (tags are listed by name)

Category fields:

  • Creation date

  • Creation user

  • Keywords

  • Category type

Help and feedback

Please send any questions or requests to

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