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Fulll source code for ExporterRy - an independent exporter for Ryver data


This package contains the source code and templates for the complete ExporterRy for Windows application. It is written in C# with WPF. The application structure is relatively simple. 


If you just want to run the application please purchase the ExporterRy for Windows product. This source code is only provided for people who need to inspect the source code or modify if for their own use.


The source code (with or without your modifications) can be used across your whole organisation but cannot be resold.


Product documentation

ExporterRy Source Code (C#)

  • Language: C# 7.3

    UI Framework: WPF

    Third party libraries: Stubble, Markdig, Newtonsoft

    IDE: Visual Studio 2017

  • We grant you a license to modify the source code for use in your own organisation. You may not distribute the source code or any derived works outside of your organisation. For full license terms please read https://www.utilitysoftware.store/exporterrylicense.

We will email you a download link once your order is complete