ExporterRy for Windows

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Change Log: ExporterRy for Windows

ExporterRy for Windows v1.0

  • Initial release

ExporterRy for Windows v1.1​

  • Updated ​contact details

  • Only 25 Topics and Chats exported per team or forum

ExporterRy for Windows v1.2

  • Limit increased to 5000 Topics and 10000 Chats per team or forum​

ExporterRy for Windows v1.3​

  • Unlimited number of Topics and Chats are exported

  • Improved progress log messages and user interface

  • Index.html file now created for each export​

ExporterRy for Windows v1.4​

  • Zip file containing all exported data can be produced, as an option

  • Improved error handling

ExporterRy for Windows v1.5​

  • Comments on topics and tasks can be exported, as an option

  • Updated license agreement​


ExporterRy for Windows v1.6​

  • Added UTF-8 BOM to JSON files to make file text encoding explicit

  • Generate HTML from in-memory JSON data instead of re-reading the file to avoid potential encoding errors

  • Corrected minor typo in index.html

ExporterRy for Windows v1.7

  • Exporting continues on error

  • Error files are created on error for further analysis

  • Works with Chrome v81 and above (linebreaks in cURL command)


ExporterRy for Windows v1.8

  • Team and forum names are now included at the top of Comment pages

  • Fixed error exporting a Task or Topic which has a double-quote in its title and also has comments​

ExporterRy for Windows v1.8.1​

  • Fixed error exporting Teams and Forums that have colons and slashes in their name and no nickname​

ExporterRy for Windows v1.8.2​

  • Fixed table of contents broken links to Teams and Forums with no nickname

  • Each Team and Forum now has a unique nickname generated if one does not exist

  • Exporting can continue if an error occurs when handling an earlier error



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